About the OctiTrader category

A place to buy, trade or sell your cool items.

This category serves as a buy/sell/trade platform with its own set of rules and regulations to follow.

There are 3 subcategories, 3D Printing, Electronics and General.

  • Choose the relevant category
  • Select the correct tag (Selling, Wanted, Free, Trade)
  • Use the topic template as a guideline for what info your topic should contain. Please include as much relevant information as possible in your post. This applies to members creating Selling, Wanted, and Trading threads.

:rotating_light: RULES FOR USE OF OCTITRADER :rotating_light:

We strictly prohibit the sale or trade of the following:

  • Illegal/Inappropriate substances and items.
  • Firearms (Including BB and Airsoft)
  • Pets and Wildlife
  • Personal Information
  • Recalled items
  • Stolen Items
  • Property/Land

You may only trade your own personally-owned items which are legal to sell in your country and for which the ownership is transferable according to their terms and conditions.

1. Posting as a Buy/Sell Business is prohibited:

Members who appear to be selling multiple products with the intention of making a profit are considered a buy/sell business. This rule also applies to “flipping items” (The resale of newly purchased items for profit). This is not allowed on OctiTrader as it is a forum created for the buying and selling of unwanted or second-hand products such as 3D Printers, and electronics. Threads containing items you built, assembled, painted, manufactured etc. with the express intention to sell it may also be removed. Moderators decisions are final and you should contact a moderator if you wish an exception to be considered.

2. Active Threads

An ‘active’ thread is any for selling, wanted, or trading thread that has not been closed by the seller posting “item sold” or “item no longer available” at the end of the thread. A for sale thread is considered not active if a buyer and seller have clearly agreed upon terms and completely the transaction.

3. Completed Deals

Once a deal has been completed it is the responsibility of the seller to post a message saying “Item sold” or “Item no longer available” and mark it as the solution. This will allow other members to see the item is no longer available. We expect this to be done in a timely manner.

4. Personal Messages (PMs) & Direct Messages (DMs)

We do not allow negotiating, making offers, buying, selling or soliciting (including soliciting trades) via PM/DM

Anyone that makes an offer or accepts an offer to buy, sell or trade with another member through PM/DM may be removed from the forum. PM/DM are for AFTER the deal has been made in the thread where it was posted. There is no excuse, there is never a time when it’s ok to do it and both sellers and buyers need to abide by this rule.

5. Order of offers

Sellers should conduct themselves with an ethical first-come-first serve basis, thinking of the comment thread as a waiting line. Sellers must work their way down the list of timestamped replies, making sure to consider offers and enter into final discussions with those who accepted their asking price in turn order. Sellers may choose to reject/skip offers differing from their asking price, but must enter into discussion with a buyer who has agreed with their asking price to the possible conclusion of the sale, only moving on to another down the line if the sale falls through.

Note: Sellers may not skip a buyer’s acceptance of the asked price, in favour of a high/low offer further down the thread.

6. Do not criticize price

Anyone criticizing someone’s pricing or saying you can get it for less elsewhere, commenting on where you can get it, or making any negative or sarcastic comments about someone’s items or pricing will be given a warning the first time and removed from this forum the second time. If you aren’t interested in buying the item or offering some respectful, positive/constructive feedback, then you shouldn’t be posting in the thread.

7. Do not remove pictures or text or prices from your post after an item is sold

If you use this forum to sell something, and delete the opening post or price or change your opening post so that the item and pricing are no longer visible, you’ll be removed from this forum. Trying to hide the terms of an offer or sale is dishonest and suspect.

8. These threads should not to be used for announcements of sales elsewhere nor should anyone refer others to places they can purchase something.

This is not an advertising forum, it’s not a “check this out” or “heads up” forum to direct people to other Buy/Sell/Trade forums, stores, eCommerce websites or markets. It is for buying, selling and trading specifically between the members of this forum.

9. Do not hijack a Wanted thread you did not start.

No one, under any circumstances, should show interest in or offer to buy anything on a Wanted thread they didn’t start. It is considered hijacking if you attempt to buy something in their thread even if they are not interested in the item. Because by your derailing their thread, it is no longer serving it’s purpose of helping them find the item they wanted. Start your own Wanted thread, please do not derail another person’s thread. (Please see Rule 10 for information on offering items on a Wanted thread)

10. Offering an item on a Wanted thread

The thread starter should describe the item they are looking for as clearly as possible. We do not allow “lets see what you have” threads. If someone starts a Wanted thread then the items offered to that person are ONLY offered to that person. Do not offer items not asked for by the thread starter and if you are not the thread starter then you may not try buy the items that others are offering. (See Rule 9 for information about hijacking a Wanted thread)

11. Keep threads types separate

We have tried to make the OctiTrader category as easy to navigate as possible. Do not mix the types of threads. For example. If a thread is listed as selling then don’t reply with a trade offer. Be sure you read the original post carefully to ensure you are going to reply correctly.

Seller and Buyer Responsibilities

Seller’s Responsibilities

1. Seller Responsibility - if selling the item on behalf of someone else :

If you are selling something here for someone else, you assume 100% of the responsibilities of the sale as if it were your item. Since you are bending the rules by selling something for someone that is not registered here (remember this OctiTrader category is for members of this forum only) we will allow those 3rd party sales, but you are 100% responsible for every aspect of that sale, right up until the time the item reaches the buyer and the buyer finds the item acceptable.

2. Sellers responsibilities - for any sale, including 3rd party sales as noted above:

You are responsible for shipping problems, items lost in shipping, damaged in shipping, items that were not represented properly in your post, and all immediate refunds for items lost/damaged in shipping. The buyer does not have to wait for your refund from the shipper or for your friend to get the money back to you. The seller is expected to follow up with the buyer in a timely manner. When you sell something here, it is your responsibility to follow all the normally accepted rules of selling. The biggest of those is that until the buyer receives an item, that item is considered in your possession and is your responsibility. Just because you shipped it does NOT end your responsibility. Your responsibility only ends when the buyer has taken possession of the item. DIYElectronics will not become involved in these such disputes but any buyer that reports this particular problem will have the satisfaction of knowing that particular seller will never use this forum again in any manner, buying/selling or trading included.

Buyers Responsibilities

If you accept or make an offer on a thread you should have the funds readily available. The seller should not have to wait for you to procure the funds. The exception is if you reach an agreement with the seller about payment in which case the seller must follow the steps laid out in Rule 3. The buyer is to follow up with the seller in a timely manner otherwise it may be considered a fake offer and the seller may move on to the next offer, and even report the buyer. Fake offers will not be tolerated but sellers that report this particular problem will have the satisfaction of knowing that repeat offenders will never use this forum again in any manner, buying/selling or trading included.

Any failure to comply to the rules may result in banning from our community.