DC Comics Inspired Prints😍

Hey community! I have to share my most favorite 3D Print to date! Digital drum roll, please :drum: Batgirl & Batman roughly +/_30cm tall with a creative touch of some acrylic paint🎨

It’s actually my first time painting a 3D Model. The last time I did arts and crafts was in first-year college and I must admit not my strongest point, but I am so thrilled with how it turned out, despite those beady botched eyes (dont come at me):smirk:


Other than that, I was smooth sailing printing them on the Ender 3 Max. I did have to whack it off the build plate tho DIYE Buildtak truly sticks a print dooown💪🏼

The good thing about trying something new is also seeing the finished outcome. To all the DC Comics fans and some who aren’t what do you think? Any helpful tips or other prints I should try.