#HuggedbyOcti - Octiman 3D DIYE Mascot

WOW, I enjoyed creating this little helper/creature.

I went into this with a creative-thinking interpretation of Octi the mascot. I still wanted to keep the integrity of the already known Octiman form. I had this idea come to mind of Octi finding bits and pieces on earth to build his suite. His “fingers” are made of a star, flat and Allen key screwdriver set, which will also come handy with future fixes he needs to help his DIYElectronic-team and clients with. I gave him “lekker” shoes so he can be comfy, who doesn’t like a nice pair of green vans. The joystick, I mean come on, it’s fun, two joysticks for moving his arms and the other two for his legs, this is a smart Octi that can multitask.

Thank you @DIYElectronics for this competition, I enjoyed the challenge and creativity in this ‘new to me’ character 3D design.


Never expected to see Octiman rocking some “lekker” shoes like that.