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Designed and printed, using photographs, a church that my folks got married in. Parts of the church date back to the 13th Century.
I used Tinkercad (works for my old brain - took over a month to get right).
It is for my model railway and is at a scale of 1:76. It is 290mm long by 200 wide.
Printed on a Creality 10S pro using Esun pla+


Looks great. I also currently use Tinkercad quite a bit as I am more of a visual person so being able to drop and adjust shapes is easier for me. I am looking at learning more advanced software at some point. What did you use to paint it?

Also you say it is for your model railway so Iā€™m curious if you have other parts of the railway scenery printed. Would love to see more photos if you do.

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Congratulations! Wonderful work. I also like Tinkercad because of its simplicity, and your design is testament to what can be accomplished with it.

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many thanks.

I use heritage paints after first priming with Rustoleum primer.
Here are 2 more photos - the station i printed using a wood filament (not easy but gave a good rough effect on the bricks). The second is a farm house using esun pla+