LED Lightbulb Stand

Wassup Community :wave:t3: Here’s a little inspiration project to get you thinking and making for future projects. I will be talking about my light bulb and stand I 3D Printed, I also added some red LED’s inside to give it more of an extraordinary feel – because ordinary bulbs just ain’t that fun!

Truth be told, I was learning as I was progressing through this project. I know that the bulb I found off Thingiverse needed a part to hold the LEDs in, so I took to Tinkercad to play around a bit and see what I could come up with as I am still a beginner. I ended up adding a tube-like structure into the center of the bulb to house the LEDs as it was not a hollow design.

After I was happy with the adjustments, I started to test print it on our CR-20. I used vase mode with 2 outer shells/perimeters as I wanted an almost transparent look, even though it’s not fully achievable with clear filament. The only downfall of doing so was the gaps and rough edging created towards the end of the bulb. So, the only way to resolve this was to add more outer shells. Also, note that not all standard bulbs are the same size, I realized my stand was a tad too small and yet again Tinkercad saved the day, to make it taller and sturdier💪🏼

So now that my intro is out of the way, lets get you sorted. Here’s what you’ll need.

The modified files have already been edited and should fit together as described in this project. You will need to gather all your products, tools and equipment to get started on the assembling. This list is what I used to complete the project.

Original files:
Light Bulb Vase Stand by Paul126

3D Printed Light Bulb by 3DPrinterNinja

Modified files:
3D Printed Light Bulb and Stand

3D Printer
eSUN Transparent PLA
Filamentum Gold PLA
LED Light Strip
DC-DC Boost Step Up Module
Soldering Iron
Solder Flux
Sestic Glue
Micro USB Charging Cable

Please note; I did have some help from the DIYElectronics workshop team. As I had a bunch to learn about 3D Printing and Electronics.

Light bulb print settings:
Quality: 0.2mm
Infill: 0%
Nozzle Temp: 210oC
Bed Temp: 65oC
Supports: No

Stand print settings:
Quality: 0.2mm
Infill: 20%
Nozzle Temp: 210oC
Bed Temp: 65oC
Supports: Yes

  • Pre-heat your solder iron to the above melting point. Measure out the length of LED strip you want inside the bulb. Once the soldering iron is heated grab a piece of solder flux core and add solder to the tips of the wires on the LED strip light. Do the same on the booster module where the wires would go.
  • Now you can melt the wires to the booster module, make sure your positive to negative placement is correct.
  • Set aside the electronics and screw the bulb into the stand from the bottom up.
  • Fold the led strip light into half for double light exposure and place into the bulb. To secure everything, glue down the wires and booster module to the back of the stand.
  • Lastly, you can use a Micro USB charging cable and adapter to power up the bulb but because I have designed this for the office workspace I have connected the cable to my PC to power it up.

What started as a project I thought would be fairly straightforward turned into a great learning experience. Even though I encountered every 3D Printer problem you can imagine I am still thrilled with the result. Overall I enjoyed making and learning throughout this project. If you as a reader have any suggestions or tips for me please feel free to leave a comment below.

If you enjoyed this 3D Printed LED Light Bulb Stand please consider sharing it with friends or family and if you would like to see more of what I have been up to, leave a lightbulb emojie for me :bulb:

Ciao for now,


Really cool project. :bulb: Have you ever thought about turning that into some kind of lamp haha. Sounds easy in my mind but sure its not so easy in practice. :joy:

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Thank You @AWanderingNPC :laughing: It would be cool to turn it into a wireless lamp so when load shedding hits, I am sorted!

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Very nicely done. Amazing what one can do with a seemingly simple program like Tinkercad. Also my goto design program, as I have not been able to master a more sophisticated one yet.

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