My Octiman 3d Design

This is my interpretation of Octiman for the competition.

I opened the visor up in front, so whether or not you have access/ablility to print in clear resin, it wouldnt really matter as his face would still remain visible even if printed with FDM.

I included the Community logo as well in the design as i really liked the “spacey” feeling of the design.

The design is separated in keyed parts, as seen in the one image below, this is to Minimize supports required.

This was all modelled and rendered in Blender.

He was really fun to design.


wow, this is good grphics :star_struck: :heart_eyes:
I designed this one on fusion360…#octiman :fire:


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Thank you. Looks great, i have 0 experience with fusion.

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which software do you use?

Only blender. It is all i know, trying to learn zbrush aswell

cool, you should try fusion360, it has lots of commands to play with.