New hotend options

Does anyone have suggestions on a good hotend upgrade for the Biqu B1?

Looked into the Microswiss, but not sure I want to go direct drive. Mosquito is just outside of budget as a viable option. Is the E3D V6 still a decent option to look into?

you can just buy the hot end you dont need to buy the DD setup .

MS hot ends are amazing

Hope it helps

E3d hot end is also viable

Thanks Andy.

Is the E3D V6 still rated as a good hotend? Or is it not even in the class of the MS?

i would say they are about the same

IIRC the v6 has a higher flow rate than the micro swiss

I have both but havent used the v6 yet as its intended for my voron Build

MS is pretty good aswell ive been using it for just over a year now

Good to hear. Budget perspective, the V6 just makes more sense and if they are close to on par with each other, then thats a help.

Good luck with the Voron. One day when I grow big…