Octiman Entry

#HuggedbyOcti This is my entry for the Octiman competition. When I started designing this model I had 3 goals in mind:

  1. I wanted the model to match the reference image in terms of scale and detail as closely as possible.
  2. I wanted the model to be easy to print without the need for any support structure or loose separate prints. It has to be one single print with all parts attached to each other.
  3. I didn’t want a static model. I wanted moving or flexible parts allowing the model to be manipulated into different poses, kinda like an action figure.

With this in mind this is the model I came up with. It prints very easily without any special requirements:

The model has live hinges and clips allowing it to be folded and clipped together to look like this:

The head and hips are loose from the body but held captive, allowing the head and legs to rotate. The arms are connected via spherical joints, allowing movement and rotation in all directions.

I’ll admit it’s not a new idea and was heavily inspired by models I’ve seen on Fab365.net website as well as by 3DPrintingGeek.

Here is a full colour render of the final model:

And finally some pics of the printed model: