Oni Mask Showcase

I came across this ’Thing’ while browsing through Thingiverse and was immediately excited. I love Oni Masks and this one looked really well designed, I couldn’t wait to print it.

I love Japanese and Chinese culture; I was brought up in a household where books, ornaments, art and furniture arrayed our house. Whether it be hung on a wall or placed on a desk, this piece is definitely an eye catcher. I knew that adding some paint would really bring this piece to life. I wanted the piece to have a worn, abstract feel, and growing up in an artistic house I learned about the influence/meaning of colour…

I utilized colours; Yellow; for happiness, positivity and optimism, Black; mystery, White; simplicity, purity and openness, Red; intensity, fun and eye-catching, and finally Silver; to keeping with tradition. Using spraypaint and markers I set to work.

I had no rigid vision for this piece, which really allowed me to just flow creatively. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and am content with how it turned out.

Make it yours!

Oni Mask

Spray Paint (Kobra)
HP Spray Paint - HP110 Luce
HP Spray Paint - HPVEN02 Venom Red
HP Spray Paint - HP002 Bone White
HP Spray Paint - HP054 Satin Black


That is incredible! Merging your art style with 3D Printing😊