Original DIYE Printer with a few upgrades

It started its life as a standard DIYE Printer back in 2015… and it’s been upgraded heavily throughout its life. :slight_smile:


Is that a Prusa Clone, like DIYElectronics sold back then?

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Yip. Started with the m5 threaded rods, glass bed. flexi couplers. all of the fun stuff. Now it’s got custom smooth rods, I had custom bearings made to match the rods. Leadscrews. Charlstruder with some mods, BTT GTR as the brains running TMC2130 3.0 SPI drivers, mosfet boards for hotend and bed, all packed into the Dell chassis. Double frames, bolted together too. Super rigid. I have pics of it upside down somewhere on my pc haha

Nice bunch of upgrades! I am curious about the reason for putting the brains of the printer inside the Dell chassis. I’m guessing its to avoid having to mount the boards to the printer itself and also keeping everything neat and tidy. Also I noticed the screen is not mounted so do you have plans to integrate that or is it just more practical to keep it loose?

Good observations. The BTT GTR board that is now the brains, along with the Raspberry Pi for Octoprint+ Klipper is bigger than the standard RAMPS 1.4 and Arduino mega setup. I’ll post pics soon of inside the DELL Chassis. It wouldn’t have fit on the printer frame without major stickout. I prefer a neat setup. There are also auxiliary boards such as mosfet drivers, 12v UPS by BIQU in there too. The screen, I was awaiting 10 pin IDC connectors for the ribbon cables I had to make to extend past the 15cm cable length supplied. The screen is now mounted on the printer frame the same was as DIYE Premium LCD is mounted, I modified the DIYE brackets to fit the BTT TFT35 profile. I’ll get the rest of the pics soon :slight_smile:

Finally got around to mounting it. Cable management is still on the to-do list, and I’ll be making aluminium parts for the brackets there.

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@Shadrack Looks good :slight_smile:

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Nice! The double frame made me do a double take haha. I don’t think I have ever seen a printer with double frame. What kind of speeds do you usually run? I’m guessing the double frame helps you push it a bit higher.

Yip haha, my own mods to it. Currently it’s printing behind me at 150mm/s, I’ve taken it up to 200mm/s without loss of quality, 300mm/s with some loss but still acceptable. Finetuning my acceleration settings etc so I can do more.

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