What DLP Resin Printer Do You Have?

Hi Makers!

I’m curious about DLP Resin Printing and particularly the possibilities of printing Minies with one for my Dungeon and Dragons games. Even though I haven’t yet taken a leap into that rabbit hole myself, I’ve become a little obsessed with Creality’s Halot range.

I want to know if you own any of these awesome printers? And how are they working for you?

  • LD-002H
  • LD-002R
  • Halot-One
  • Halot-Sky
  • Halot-Lite
  • Halot-Max

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Tell me about your printer, what you print on it and how it’s going!


Hi, my bf and I use the Creality LD-003 printer, we’ve printed some D&D Minis as well as some prop parts for cosplay.

We found using the transparent resin works best for minis as the details are clearer. We have experimented using different colors, but the transparent still shows the small details much more clearer even after priming it


Ooh, I’d love to see a few if you are willing to share xD … I forgot to add the LD-003 oh nuu… Interesting about the transparent resin actually being best. I’ll remember that for when I start!
Do you think you might upgrade your printer to a Halot someday? :smiley:

I will need to look for them (recently moved) once I have them I will post a pic showing the difference between resins.

I’m not sure about upgrading at this point due to the economy but maybe one day

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