3D Printed Jenga & Case 🤩

Hi Everybody :raising_hand_woman: I’d like to share with you my current fav 3D Print.

So, I personally enjoy a good break away from the everyday life of technology around us, that’s why I 3D printed the cool JENGA Game for us at DIY to play with during our break times.:man_dancing::dancer:

Here is a breakdown of what I used:

Products: Sestic glue, eSun matte filament

Tools & Equipment: CR-10S Pro & CR-6 SE 3D Printers

3D Model files: Jenga Blocks by Weston_Dohse - Thingiverse
Jenga box by asdvkl - Thingiverse

Some tips that helped me:
For the 81x81x250mm tower, you will need x6 3mm small bolts to join two body parts together or if you are like me just use some Sestic glue😏You will need supports for the tower casing, with Infill of 38. When printing with matte filament the best temp to use is 225’C and a slow steady speed for the initial layers.

Hope you like my Make & I am keen to see you guys try print your own too!

Andy :slight_smile:

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