A Complete Maker Discord Competition (Ended)

Complete Maker Challenge!

Hello everyone! Big thank you to Methias for sponsoring us with an interesting new challenge with prizes from DIYElectronics. :exploding_head:

Win :star_struck:

:gift: 1st Place: an Arduino Nano and x1 Roll of SunLu PLA (Colour of your choice)

:gift: 2nd Place: x1 Roll of SunLu PLA (Colour of your choice)

Are you a Maker of all trades? Well, we dare you to stretch your 3D Printing skills and incorporate some Electronics parts into the ultimate project.

If you are interested in this competition then follow these simple rules to enter!

:fast_forward: To get started head over to the DIYElectronics Discord Server. This competition is only being held on the Discord Server.

:fast_forward: Add your temporary CompleteMaker role by reacting with the emote to the announcement message. This confirms your entry and acceptance of these rules.

:fast_forward: Build your own invention that contains a minimum of x1 3D Printed part and x1 functional Electronics part.

:fast_forward: You may use any SLA/DLP/FDM Printer, filament/resin, and any Electronics products of your choice.

:fast_forward: Your project must function in some way. (Use Pulsing LEDs, Running server motor, Wi-Fi Control, or anything you want to enhance your project!)

:fast_forward: Share your project to the DIY Discord Server :boom:┃entries channel. You must include a detailed description with short instructions, materials used, STL links, and pictures/video if possible.

:fast_forward: The Complete Maker Competition runs from 25 July to 07 August 2022. A community voting poll on the Discord Server will decide the winners on the 09 August.

We can’t wait to see your submissions, Good Luck! :partying_face:

Entries close on 07 August 2022 at 23:59 pm.

Disclaimer: This competition is not sponsored or endorsed by Discord.