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We have worked hard to make our website user-friendly and easy to navigate but, we are only human and there is always room for improvement. If you spot something wrong or just merely would like to see a change, suggest it here.

My use case:
I’m a hobbyist maker, and purchase things on your site from time to time. I don’t fill massive orders and don’t have to order stuff every month.

I have a problem where I keep getting to out of stock items when I’m looking for very specific products, and I want them within the week. The out of stock items also come up above in-stock items when sorting by anything except “in-stock”.

Suggested solution:
Having an option to flat-out hide out of stock items by default would be a major improvement. I’ve personally written a browser extension that just lowers the opacity of items that are out of stock so that I can spot them quicker. At the very least the “out of stock” label should be more prominent.