Custom Hourglass Frame

Hey Makers!

I thought I would share a little story with you.

Early on in my 3D Printing journey I got given an hourglass for my birthday. Now knowing absolutely nothing about 3D Modelling I though it would be a great idea to try design a frame for the hourglass.

Armed with nothing but a computer, a 3D Printer, TinkerCAD, and a determination like no other, I set about design the frame. I spent many hours first getting the basic shape down and once I was happy I began to do what felt like countless revisions. I quickly learnt about tolerances and the frustration of trying to print very narrow items. But after quite a few failures I finally succeeded in creating the frame I wanted.

Printer: CR-10 Mini
Filament: eSun Marble
Design Software: TinkerCAD

While I still love the design if I had to change anything then I would switch out the support pillars for metal rods to increase rigidity.

I hope you enjoyed this short story/project. I would love to hear what your first 3D design was in the comments below.

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