Ender 5 plus upgrade board

Hey everyone,

I know there are many YouTube videos on this topic for pretty much all 3D printers, but the problem I am having is deciding between a couple of boards.

So some advice would be great :smile:

Boards I am looking at:

BTT skr 2
BTT skr pro v1.2
BTT octopus v1.2

I have looked at the 1.4 turbo but they never seem to be in stock anywhere.

Any recommendations will be appreciated :smile:

Main reason besides it sounding like I am sending a fax while trying to start a dialup connection, is purely due to creality build for this printer is a steaming load of nonsense and the display does not offer much functionality especially for fine tuning.

Using things like the auto leveling makes the printer freak out and you are guaranteed to not get a single print to work with out having to adjust your offset each and every time.

Using the autolevel feature turned on also gives you a triangle priming line instead of your standard priming line as well as a 50/50 chance of printing in the Air or Using your nozzle to engrave your bed.

So some advise would be much appreciated!

p.s Happy black Friday savings! Ordered myself some stuff already :grin:

Good Day, Considering your requirements is budget related. The SKR2 is basically the 1.4 Turbo replacement. SKR Pro v1.2 and Octopus are overkill. Could even install a E3 Mini v2.0 Board. If you sticking with Marlin. Machine has huge potential and you could consider Duet3d 3 wifi 5+ mini recap option or go the Klipper Route with a Raspberry PI and SKR2. The stock Display has limitations and use with other board. As far as I know does work with a SKR Swop. Not sure if you are currently running a BL touch or a IR probe. But with a 32bit board and TMC2209 drivers you going to be sorted.
My 5 cents lol. Cheers


I was going to upgrade my E5+ with a SKR Pro, but it is over kill. finally got a BTT 1.4 Turbo and 2209 drivers. I have a Rpi4 with a screen as the interface. I had issues with the BTT screens over heating.

I get all my BTT components directly from BTT. BTT

For the screen I use OctoScreen. has some good features and almost zero latency to the point it feels like a native interface to the BTT board.

I also changed out the PSU to a Meanwell UHP-500-24 as the standard fans in the enclosure where very loud.

If Klipper is your goal I hope this helps.


Wozzi I am considering the E3 V2.0 because some say the Stock screen will still work. Do you know perhaps?