Functional Gears Playset 🧩

Hi Everybody :raising_hand_woman: My project is clearly not for me but for my little one to enjoy. It is basically a sensory type of toy that stimulates their senses. The project is made up of 3D printed puzzle and gear parts that fit together seamlessly so that all the pieces turn and move in a never-ending cycle.

The printing process was no hassle as I followed the instructions and details provided by the Thingiverse project link. When it came to assembling the actual pieces. Kyle and I ran into some issues with the motor not having enough torque and lining up the gears for a continuous flow but eventually got it right after watching the tutorial provided and it was smooth sailing although not all the parts fitted and had to leave it out.

Useful Links :link:
Sunlu Rainbow PETG:
DC Motor:
Battery Holder:
AA Batteries:


This is an interesting project as you can build on it and make it bigger and better.:bulb: