Jinx Lightbox

Hello All, Lets get Jinxed

After re-watching Arcane I had an urge to make some cool prints inspired the show. Then finding this awesome wall art from one of the final scenes in the show I knew what needed to be done, after a little editing I had a great looking print, but it needed something more. That’s when the shows art style came to the rescue and gave me the idea to light it up using her primary colours, and add some flair too the frame. I am extremely happy with how this came out and even more amazed I got it all done within my personal challenge of 5 days. If I could change anything on this project I would have given the aluminum a brass coat to give it more of a steampunk feel, and use addressable RGB’s to create different effects.

First I needed to edit the STL so all the prints had a border, next was printing the pieces, each print took around 24hours for a total of 72 hours. While printing I started working on the frame, I cut frame to size and drilled out holes on the corners for bolts to hold it together, I cut threads into each upright and finally I soldered bridges across the LED terminals to get the colour mix I wanted and connected them in three sections. Once everything was printed I sprayed the print a mix of grey primer and gloss black to get a nice contrast when the lights are on and sprayed the frame using Blue and Purple to give it more of a Jinxed vibe. Final assembly took less than 10 min.

Original STL : 2D Jinx 4 by Longquang - Thingiverse

Hope this catches someones eye :grin: