'KAWS' Work in Progress


Its Jade here, back at it with a new WIP,

I spotted this STL a little while ago while browsing Cults3D, and man was I excited to get printing! The Original Artist of this piece - KAWS, is a very well-known designer, Artist and animator, you may not know his name, but I can bet you have seen his characters. With an undying interest in animation, graphic design, street art and graffiti myself, KAWS is definitely in my top 5 for inspiration, and his characters are legendary. This piece must be mine!

After slicing the model in Cura, I chose to print on The BIQU B1 using eSUN Rainbow PLA, the first layers went down well: the bed was level, the print was sticking and there were no signs of any immediate problems. I felt quite comfortable leaving the print overnight… but, boy was I naive. Upon returning to the print the next day my heart sank, and my confusion arose - What the heck?!!

Just by looking at the images you can imagine our confusion. We were shocked, never in all the years of DIYElectronics has this been seen before. What caused it you may ask – well as you can see in the last image – a small hole in the extruder and a small clog caused the hot filament in the hotend to start seeping out – quite the occurrence.
After heating the extruder, we removed the filament cocoon from around the housing and set it aside.

For my final attempt, I chose the Creality CR6SE and Fillamentum PLA Vertigo Galaxy. However, this week proved not to be mine as my second attempt failed… the reasoning is still unknown but I’m assuming that loadshedding might be at fault.

This hasnt lead me astray in the slightest and I’m still super keen to print this guy as soon as I can! But I am battling to choose which filament I like more, the eSUN Rainbow PLA or Fillamentum PLA Vertigo Galaxy – both very unique and beautiful filaments… I guess I’ll just have to print one of each, but bigger and better!

Well, that concludes my latest adventure on my journey in the world of 3D Printing.
Stay tuned to see which KAWS character I’m working on!

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That fail looks EPIC :open_mouth:

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Not been our week ey, LOL :joy: