Load Shedding Clock Project - WIP

Hey there Makers!

It’s Thomas, and I’m here to share my latest DIY project with you. Load shedding has been driving me nuts recently so I thought to myself, why not turn my frustration into inspiration?

I came up with the idea for my load shedding clock while checking the EskomSePush app on my phone. I decided to turn the idea into reality using Tinkercad. The idea behind the clock is that each day it will be set to the next round of load shedding so that I don’t have to keep checking my phone.

Working on the model in Tinkercad

As things usually go the initial project seemed fairly simple but when designing the parts it turned into something much more complex. There were various aspects that I didn’t think of and parts required multiple revisions in Tinkercad. Luckily I found and corrected most of the issues before I started printing so I avoided a bunch of wasted time and filament.

With no issues immediately apparent I have started printing the parts for the project. The biggest issue I can expect to encounter is tolerances for parts that connect to each other. I have tried to prevent this by adding space where needed.

The printing has begun

While there is still quite a bit of printing to go and I will likely be painting the project I am happy with how it is turning out so far. I will update this post when I have completed the project.

The build is progressing