Octiman - Your 3D Printing Companion

Hi everyone!

So here was my attempt at shifting Octiman to the 3rd dimension.

My design brief was as follows:

  • The design should not stray too far away from original drawings - this is to allow the model to be easily recognizable and tie in well with DIYE’s existing 2D mascot drawings.
  • The model must be easy to print - firstly to be optimized for FDM printers as this would be the majority of the userbase, secondly to eliminate the need for support material and lastly to eliminate the need for post processing and assembly.
  • The model should not use excessive amounts of filament and should be optimized accordingly.
  • The model must be practical - the model should end up being in daily-use by every DIYE Community Maker.
  • The model should create an awareness of DIY Electronics - as a true mascot should.

The tools at my disposal was a homemade RepRap Prusa with mediocre part cooling, a basic laptop with AutoCAD and Cura, a year’s worth of 3D printing experience and lots of coffee! :joy:

So… Let’s get started!

I started off by grabbing some source images from the DIYE website and referenced them in AutoCAD.
This would be my first attempt at modelling something of a figurine nature as I mostly design practical parts.

After a few iterations and prints I had finally come up with something that I hope the DIYE Team and Community would find satisfactory.

Here are the renders:

Please excuse the basic renders; as I mentioned above I do not have a computer that costs as much as my car. :sweat_smile:
However I’m sure it conveys the idea.

I modelled Octiman to scale from the source images and used a little bit of artistic license by adding a subtle smile to his minimalist face. The result is an Octiman that appears to be lively, friendly and maybe even cute. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here are some pictures of Octiman 3D printed:

In staying true to the design brief and in reference to the pictures above we can see that Octiman is quite practical as a container for holding common bits and bobs used daily when 3D printing.

Octiman’s removable head has a three-fold purpose:

  1. To reveal a hidden storage compartment.
  2. To reduce the total amount of filament being used that would otherwise be wasted as infill for his body.
  3. To be articulated - just swivel his head in the direction of your printer so that he can watch your prints while you make coffee. :grin:

Octiman’s helmet acts as a “bowl” and the DIYE crate also has the DIYE website printed on its side. As a true mascot should, he will remind you where to go when you need to replace that nozzle or get more filament. :sunglasses:

In conclusion, this has been a fun experience and my vision for this Octiman model is to bring a bit of joy and inspiration to all DIYE Community Makers. Hopefully he ends up on an SD card with every 3D printer sent to new DIYE Community Makers.

I hope the execution has lived up to the title:

Octiman - Your 3D Printing Companion.

Thank you DIYE Team for the opportunity.