Poseable Octiman Figurine

My entry to the Octiman competition, a poseable figure in multiple parts. The whole design is printable without any supports.

I am particularly proud of the ball-joints with threaded collars for tightening.

The dome is half of a standard 80mm christmas ornament ball, which is easily purchased from craft shops (but I am including the STL in case anyone with a resin printer wants to attempt it!)

I am printing the last pieces as I type, so I’ll post photos later, but figured I’d get this up in the meantime :slight_smile:


A few more render pics


Excellent work! I think this one is the best thought out one yet. You clearly paid a lot of attention to printing orientation and assembly. Well done!!!

Thank you very much! I am a little obsessed with figuring out easy-to-print support-free designs, it’s really satisfying when one gets it right :slight_smile:

Well, here we go, a few shots of the final assembly!

And a little video just for fun (might not embed though…)

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Just in case anyone is interesting in the no-support print orientation, here it is (the body can be printed in either direction I think, but I chose upside-down for better bed adhesion, with PLA I might have tried it “right way around”

More sources for the clear ball (although a real-life craft store is probably the easiest, I haven’t actually bought from any of these places beside the big T)

Promo Unlimited

This one is definitely my personal favourite so far. Such creativity :smiley:

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