Selling Creality Ender 10S Pro V2

Nused Creality CR10 Smart Pro V2 3d printer with spares, tools and 5x PLA spools for sale.


Digital HD Touch screen
Auto Bed levelling with genuine BL Touch
Dual gear extruded for more filament versatility
Premium Teflon tube for smooth feeding
Material shortage detection
Intelligence detection - Power supply protection device and a function of resuming printing after a power outage.

Product parameters:

Print size-300x300x400mm
Online, SD card reader and USB connectivity
Print material- PLA, ABS, TPU, PETG, PC, Copper and Wood fill
File format- STL, OBJ, AMF
Slice thickness- 0,1-0,4mm
Standard Nozzle diameter 0,4mm


Glass and standard build plate
Standard spares and tools
Additional 0,4mm nozzle
Nozzle cleaner
Print removal spatula
3x unused filament PLA filament (1x CCTREE Black, 1x CCTREE Blue and 1x SUNLU White)
2x used filament White and Black

DM to make an offer