Stringing and filaments

Hey folks and DiY peeps,

So I’ve been tuning my machine for the last few months and pretty happy with the results but I can’t seem to eliminate stringing 100%. Someone mentioned somewhere that darker filaments are also more prone to stringing, any truth in this?

Been printing with @DIYElectronics sunlu PLA black, between 195 and 205 depending on item. It works lovely for more “macro” items but I also used the filament to print some mini’s or smaller and seem to always get stringing on the fine details. Towers etc are all fine and tuned in but those are much larger than what I’m printing.

Worth trying a more expensive filament for the finer detail stuff? Aiming to get a few rolls of grey and silver to do some bigger mini’s and finetune further.

Setup is a

  • Ender 3
  • Stock hotend
  • Alumin Extruder, capricorn tubing
  • BTT SKR e3 mini

Still relatively happy with the results, just being a bit OCD maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

And still tinkering on the machine, just finetuning my “macro” profiles ie 0.4mm

Large item examples

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Ok so if you are struggeling with stringing play with your retarction speed/distance , fiddle with your travel speeds , play with z hop if you have it enabled
Unfortunately i cant even give you my settings for an example , even though bouth of us run ender3s , mine is a totally different beast to what a stock factory ender 3 is .

yea all i can offer is just play with the relevant setting

I might have to get more aggressive, currently using 6 and 40 odd which is standard for a bowden ender 3. But I do hear they say one should not go higher than 7.5? Or faster than say 60 due to chewing.

I should upload some mini’s I printed yesterday, can see the stringing issues which I have been cleaning, its a mimic with four separate tentacle arms at each corner so lots of “cross movement”.

you could also try combing ive seen people usit but ive never really played with since im not using marlin, im running klipper so from the start my printer does better than when i ran marlin