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We are looking for suggestions for Optional Tags. These suggestions may help us build a better collection of pre-added tags for you to choose from when creating new topics.

We really appreciate any suggestions you may have.

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painted (3D Printing → Projects)

Category: Community

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(Last Updated: 11/03/2022)


Perhaps have a sticky post for each section with the rules per section example Topic : 3D printed miniatures, then have a sticky post at the top that is locked with the rules such as Do not post other 3D printed items as it is just for miniatures (believe it or not this may sound silly but it will happen and will be frustrating for members as the forum becomes bigger)

Create categories for posts e.g modifications/upgrades, weekend projects, diy projects, user setups (where people can post a picture of their setup) New users (can have a template that members can fill in and possibly add a picture of their current 3d printer setup)

Help guides, a section for where people can ask for help whether it be setting up marlin, or general issues with a printer or perhaps help with other projects.

review section (where people can post their experiences with products, we know this will vary from between users so it would be as a guide line to help users make decisions which could also help the store stock items that are in a higher demand or trending)

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