Up Box + 3d printer

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Whooohoooo, First post in the selling section!

Recently entered and got second place in a local industrial design competition. Won A TierTime Up Box + 3d printer for my efforts. Unfortunately the week before winning the printer My house was struck by lightning which killed a large number of my electronics. Fortunately, my trusty Ender 3 survived unscathed, but my primary workstation computer and quite a few other items weren’t so lucky. Thus, I am in a little bit of a tough spot. I don’t feel great about selling a prize, but I need funds to fix my workstation to be able to work from home. My Ender 3 gives me awesome results. so the spare printer has to go. It’s brand new, unused and unopened. Still has the branded tape and binding straps on the box from the factory. I have tried to make my asking price very competitive even when compared to the local price even with Black Friday madness. I might adjust it slightly (higher) after Black Friday is over, so get in while the deal is good.

Rules of sale:

  • Price is reasonably firm, but you are welcome to contact me to discuss the matter and make an offer. Just don’t ask for “my best price”. That’s not negotiating.
  • Happy to have you inspect and collect. Equally happy to ship anywhere in SA at the buyer’s expense and risk
  • No goods will change hands before funds have cleared. Most of us have been burned this way. Payment will be via EFT or cash if you choose to collect in person and feel like living dangerously.
  • Happy to provide reference and iTrader ratings from various forums I have traded on before (do people even still do forums?)

Item for sale: TierTime Up Box +
Condition: Brand new, sealed in the box
Asking Price: R22 000.00
Payment method: EFT / Cash
Location: Bloemfontein
Shipping: Yes - At buyers cost

Contact details: Zero 720 One22One Sixone


This ad has been up for ages. Still have the printer sealed in the box. Need to move it. Offer up!

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For anyone wanting to see a bit more about the technical specifications of the Up Box Plus check out the TierTime Website.

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Thomas, I appreciate it.

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No problem. I figured any extra info would help people curious about the printer. Hopefully you find a buyer :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, I am willing to give you R14k foe it

Thank you for your interest, Ralph. Unfortunately, I will have to politely decline. I have had higher offers that I have declined. Currently have a gentleman interested at my asking price, just waiting for him to get his finances in order. If you beat him to the punch, I’ll let it go, but not at R14000.00.


No worries at all, If you don’t try you will never know right.

SOLD! Thank you very much!!!